First of all, THANK YOU for visiting this page and viewing my work. Photography is something that I do for myself, it's a way of focusing my attention and of leaving with a token of my interaction with a place. That said, I love when I am able to share even a fraction of that experience with another person. 

Second, this site is still in the fledgling stages. I am still figuring out the inner workings of my print fulfillment service and deciphering how best to deliver the best prints and products that I can. So here are my preliminary print suggestions:

-Traditional Aspect ratio (familiar rectangle shapes) photos should print well with any of the typical sizes available. 

-Wide aspect "Panoramic" photos are tricky. Some will print well with the sizes offered, others may need to be cropped, or printed with white space to fit the entire image. In this case, a custom matte will be necessary. Hobby Lobby et al. does a good job of this. If you have ANY questions about how a photo you've selected will print, please feel free to shoot me a message and I'll consult with you on how best to receive the print you want. How happy you are with your print MATTERS TO ME. Don't be a stranger. :)

-Square prints shouldn't be a problem, print away!